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IPS Helps Define Success

for construction customers across IN, MI, and OH

At Interior Products Supply, we understand that when it comes to achieving success in your commercial and residential building projects, one of the most important tools is KNOWLEDGE.

Passing along our expertise and lending a helping hand whenever possible is a big part of why IPS has earned the trust of builders and construction pros in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio for years. In this spirit, we’re pleased to share this valuable reference for Midwest builders.

Rules of Thumb for Construction Estimators

“How much of that am I going to need?” As an experienced pro, you’re probably pretty good at ballparking those material estimates. But now, with this basic Estimators’ guide, you can know for sure.

IPS has prepared this reference sheet as your quick go-to guide for accurate estimates on quantities for many common construction supplies, including:

  • Metal – screws, pins, marking, etc.
  • Wallboard – lift sizes, screw specs and quantities
  • Joint Treatments – ratios for compounds, tape, and more
  • Ceilings – grid measurements, seismic requirements by zone, etc.
  • Weather Barriers – fluid applications for glass mat gypsum, plywood, OSB, and CMU
  • Wraps – common Tyvek® measurements and quantities
Material Estimator

IPS representatives are here to help. Contact or visit our yard in Fort Wayne, Indiana anytime.

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About Interior Products Supply

From our yard in Fort Wayne, IN, Interior Products Supply proudly serves residential and commercial construction customers across Indiana. As part of the GMS family of companies IPS has offered exceptional construction products and building materials, from drywall and steel, to insulation, acoustical tiles and more, for years.

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